Victorian Conservatories

Inspired by elements taken from Gothic cathedrals married with steel girders made possible by industrial revolution engineering, the Victorians created a lasting impact through their architecture. The Victorian conservatory is just one of these that remain as popular today as during their heyday.

A bespoke Victorian conservatory from Sebastian Church Builders is custom designed and constructed, and guaranteed to be a pleasing addition to your home. A large bay frontage, steep angled roof, and ornate iron fixtures are standard, though clients may choose from three-facet and five-facet window positioning.

Despite their name, Victorian conservatories need not be constructed from wood framing if modern materials are an option under local building regulations. Timber used by Sebastian Church meets and exceeds the standards laid down by building codes, but uPVC and aluminium allow for more flexibility in design.

Constructing in uPVC or aluminium makes it possible to choose from a wide range of base colours and wood effects for all framing. Hinges, handles, and other attachments can often be colour matched for a consistently pleasing visual experience.

For all year round enjoyment of your new Victorian conservatory, it is also possible to lay under floor heating, install double or triple glazed glass, and insulate the basewalls.

Glass roofing looks wonderful, however, Sebastian Church will often recommend an insulated ceiling installation using foil insulating quilt under which we suspend attractive uPVC panels making your conservatory warmer in winter and cooler in summer.