Sebastian Church Builders Slide And Swing Doors

The next generation of door technology is the new and exciting slide and swing door system Warwickshire. For homeowners seeking something a little more high-tech than traditional bi-folding or patio doors, slide and swing doors could be the answer. Even though they are not mass produced in the United Kingdom and are difficult to get, Sebastian Church Builders has quite a selection in our inventory. From traditional to contemporary we carry all the very best types and styles of windows, doors, and glass extensions.

Slide and swing doors help homeowners make the most out of the available space already in their homes. These doors can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary one by opening up space between rooms and extensions like no other doors can. They consist of frames, aluminium tracks, and strong durable nylon, making them incredibly sturdy and able to withstand a lot of punishment. When the slide and swing doors are closed they interlock with one another to create a secure and solid wall. The first panel of the doors are fixed and can be on the left or right hand side, while the second panel then swings open.

Slide and swing doors Warwickshirehave many unique advantages over regular bi-folding or patio doors Warwickshire. When open or closed they don’t encroach on the current patio or living room space. This helps to save every inch of space possible to give a more roomy appearance. Any part of these doors can be opened for ventilation, and can even serve as a partition. Another big bonus slide and swing doors Warwickshire have is that they have no hinges on the sliding leaves. This helps eliminate incidents of fingers being accidentally trapped in the track. Security is probably the biggest advantage these doors have over the traditional choices. Our suppliers only use quality stamped and tested materials to manufacture them, and the doors themselves are tested for security standards. Besides being rugged and durable, slide and swing doors are also very energy efficient. Lower electricity and hydro bills are always a welcome bonus.

As these new cutting edge doors become more readily available, their popularity is also on the rise. Homeowners want something that is secure, saves space and money, and looks great at the same time. At Sebastian Church Builders we have an awesome selection and a vast array of styles to choose from. We will help you find or design the slide and swing doors that are right for you, your home, and your wallet.