Sebastian Church – Safe And Secure Warwickshire

CE Approval Stamps Warwickshire

All our windows and doors come with proof that they are manufactured with your safety in mind. CE Markings are a label on products which are meant to show the consumer they are cutting edge when it comes to security standards. The laws governing CE marking legislation were adopted on July 1st/2013. Most doors and windows legally require a CE mark, and it is the responsibility of the company that brings the product to market to put them on. We only purchase our windows and doors from legitimate suppliers who prove their windows quality by CE stamping them. There are other security labels that are marked on our windows as well.

Secured By Design Warwickshire

Secured By Design is another security accreditation. It is the Official UK Police Security Initiative which combines the principle of ‘designing our crime’ with actual physical security. Only products that pass strict and numerous security test are allowed to get the Secured By Design designation. Our suppliers manufacture a number of these products including tilt and turn, casement, System10, Rustique windows, and dual rebate composite doors. They all contain the very latest locking mechanisms and are some of the highest security products out there.

Window Quality And Security Warwickshire

Sebastian Church Builders only purchases windows off suppliers who meet, or exceed all the regulations where security and safety are concerned. The products are also accredited with the highest quality standard marks, after passing numerous and stringent tests designed to analyze their quality and security abilities.

Yale Locking Systems Warwickshire

Yale is commonly known as the manufacturer of ‘the worlds favourite lock’, and is well respected and renowned by homeowners worldwide. Yale’s anti-bump cylinders are available in our doors, making them practically impenetrable. We also carry key free locking systems to give you complete peace of mind, and provide safe sanctuary in your own home.

Sebastian Church Builders only sells top notch quality products, and the most secure windows and doors available. Our suppliers are fully licensed and accredited in both quality standards and security features for their products. If the doors and windows aren’t cutting edge and secure, we won’t sell them.