Sebastian Church Patio Doors Warwickshire

When it comes to windows, doors, and glass extensions, Sebastian Church is second to none. We have a wide range of styles and designs to suit any home, and will ensure the job is done right from start to finish. Patio doors, also known as sliding doors, are one of our specialties. They are becoming extremely popular in all types of structures including homes, apartments, condos and hotel rooms.

Patio doors are basically a large glass window opening that provides door access from any room to the outside. They can be constructed out of wood, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, and most commonly uPVC plastic. They can be designed to suit any style of home and come in almost any door height or width within reason. There are three different kinds of patio doors Warwickshirewhich come in a wide variety of styles and designs.

Traditional – This type of patio door has one fixed panel and one mobile panel. The movable section slides on a track that is parallel to the neighbouring fixed panel.

Disappearing – This design works by all the glass panels sliding into open wall spaces. They completely disappear giving a wall-less and open area look. This includes corner window walls and is often operated by remote control.

Trackless – Trackless design has all the glass panels suspended from above, leaving a continuous floor plane that has no track. When finally closed, they descend to form a weatherproof seal. This design was invented by the Germans, and is used mainly in moderate climates.

Patio doors Warwickshire have many distinct advantages over other types of doors. Many come with a multi-point bolt locking system which provides excellent security, and is key in preventing break and enter crimes. Sliding doors can withstand harsh heat and cold conditions while providing long lasting durability and performance. They are extremely energy efficient and prevent heat loss during the winter months. Sliding doors also allow natural heat and light to enter the room. There are endless options for whatever kind of patio door look you are seeking. Heavy duty frames can give your home a contemporary look, and the glass can be frosted or textured to match any decor. Left handed patio doors open on the left side, while right handed ones open on the right.

At Sebastian Church our patio doors are designed, manufactured, and installed by fully licensed and accredited professionals. Our selection is huge, and our service and quality are the best in the business.