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If you are building a new home in North London, you must get a contractor that will handle the interior and exterior. At Sebastian Church, we have the best people to provide interior and exterior living spaces for new builds. We offer services in areas like Hackney, Bromley, Haringey, Camden, Enfield, and the surrounding locations. When building a new home, it is important that you blend in your interiors and exterior spaces. It is not just about the décor; you have to look at the structure of the place. Design ideas have to come together seamlessly and offer you something unique. We are the people that will provide that aspect for your home in North London.

Garage, Loft and General Conversions

You can also call us for garage and loft conversions in North London. It is no secret that a garage can turn into a splendid living space. If your home has a loft or garage that you are not using for anything vital, we can work miracles with it. We understand that sometimes a homeowner may need to create more space in his or her home but not have money to get a bigger place. With our general conversion services in North London, we can transform any space into whatever you want. If you want an office, study room or just a private space, we will provide a high-quality installation to suit the purpose.

Home Extensions

At Sebastian Church, we also provide home extension services in North London. An extension will suit you in various ways. You may own a house and find yourself in need of more space but you don’t want to move because of school or a job. In such an instance, a home extension will be the perfect solution. We will take several factors into consideration, like how much space you need, the location of your home, and building regulations. A home extension will also increase your home’s value, and that is why at Sebastian Church, we do it right.

Reasons to Pick Our Services in North London

• We provide professional workers who communicate and provide you with updates on every step of the process
• We go through the costs with you and explain what goes where
• We use the best materials to ensure that your home interiors and exteriors spaces serve you for a long time
• We use the specifications you provide to come up with a customised solution for your dream space
• After completion of a project, we provide feedback

Glass Extensions

When you need glass extension services in North London, Sebastian Church Builders has the most reputable. For an unobstructed view of your landscape, a glass extension is an ideal addition to your home. Glass also creates a sense of space in a home. You can make your living room appear more spacious even without taking up too much garden space. A glass extension will also let light in, which is perfect for a patio. We use the best quality glass and apply the design you come up with. Call us if you need glass extension services in Bromley, Westminster, Camden, and the surrounding regions.

Sunrooms and Orangeries

Sebastian Church is your one stop for all things sunrooms and orangeries in North London. The weather in this region may not allow you to spend as much time as you would like in your garden. A sunroom is a good way to change that. You can have your garden and still get protection from the elements. It does not matter what the weather is like; you can take shelter in your orangery or sunroom and continue with your activities. These structures allow a lot of light in so you don’t have to spend money lighting the space. In case you have a design in mind, call us, and we will turn it into reality.

Find us in and around North London and we will provide the services you require.

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