Orangeries Lantern Roofs Warwickshire

Since the 16th century, English architecture has favoured the lantern roof for buildings that benefit from natural light cascading from above. The orangery of olden times has been updated with modern materials, but the principles of encouraging natural sunlight are still well established at Sebastian Church Builders.

Lantern roof Warwickshire are inset from the outer edge of the roof, adding a cathedral-like experience. They are especially popular for orangeries used as dining rooms, family rooms, or indoor swimming pools due to the extra height in the centre.

All bespoke lantern roofs supplied as part of a Sebastian Church Builders orangery are fully weather resistant, and suitable for all construction materials, uPVC, aluminium, and timber. Modern sealants ensure the rain stays out, and glazed windows withstand high wind speeds.

The lantern style is also exceedingly suitable for south facing or moisture prone properties where the extra height of the roof and higher ventilation counteracts condensation build up.

Whilst most of our clients request rectangular lantern roofs Warwickshire, Sebastian Church Builders are more than happy to quote for atrium style hexagonal lantern roofs as well. Both styles handsomely benefit from stained glass and lead panel effects, and electrically driven openings.

Where desired, the standard lantern roof is easily augmented with a central cupola, and capped with finials in the Victorian or Edwardian style Warwickshire. These are frequently seen in commercial properties, especially restaurants, hotels and B&Bs, and upmarket shops or shopping centres.

To see what Sebastian Church Builders can do for your orangery idea, ask us for a callback and a no obligation quote.