Sebastian Church Builders – Kitchen Extensions Benefits Warwickshire

The most convenient kitchen extension Warwickshire designed exactly with your requirements in mind, and constructed to the highest standards, is a Sebastian Church Builders promise you can rely on.

We are a full design and build service with many years of experience of building outdoor extensions using a variety of materials. The most popular construction styles requested are brick, aluminium, and wood Warwickshire.

A brick kitchen extension is often considered the most permanent and is perceived to be more difficult to obtain consent for with the result the home increases in value substantially.

Brick is also easier to match against the existing structure, will appear to have been part of the original design, and Sebastian Church Builders endeavour to keep the level of the floor in both sections even to maintain this impression.

Aluminium and wood Warwickshire provide as much longevity and strength as brick, but also allow for the kitchen extension to mimic Victorian or Georgian era or modern contemporary designs. In our experience, customers who choose aluminium or wood are often happier with the overall result.

All three construction types permit bi-fold rear doors or large windows and skylights with the advantage of extra natural light. We shouldn’t forget the purpose of building a kitchen extension, however, and that is to provide extra dining space for the family.

Almost all our customers make some modifications to their existing kitchen layout to use the new space more efficiently. The importance of a full design and build service becomes apparent when cabinetmakers are required.

To discover how Sebastian Church Builders can design your new kitchen extension Warwickshire, simply request a callback from a consultant.