Glass Products Warwickshire

At Sebastian Church Builders we use only the finest quality components in all our products. Our doors, windows, and glass extensions are constructed from fully accredited suppliers, using CE stamped materials and passing all security standards. That’s why you’ll find our double glazed frames are made with Pilkington EnergiKare units. Not only are they the best in quality, they are also the best when it comes to security and safety. Our windows and frames are rated as A and A+ levels of quality.

A Rated Windows Warwickshire

Our wide selection of windows incorporate Pilkington K Glass because they are the best in the business. On the outside of each frame is a hard coat of K Glass, while on the inside there is Pilkington Optiwhite Glass. This combination of the two types of glass ensures an A rating as the standard. The Pilkington Optiwhite glass has ultra clear and precise properties, allowing greater amounts of sunlight and heat to enter through the glass, and into any room. It also allows further and clearer vision for the people inside the room that are looking outside. These windows can also be upgraded to achieve an A+ rating.

A+ Rated Windows Warwickshire

Upgrading to an A+ Window Energy Rating also requires two different types of Pilkington Glass. On the inside of the frame we use IGU with Pilkington KS Glass, while on the outside we have Pilkinkton Optiwhite. The KS Glass has a soft coat that bouncess heat back into the room, while letting the heat from the sun in. This is a passive process known as solar gain. The Pilkington EnergiKare units are constructed to follow the rules and regulations of BS EN 1279. Our safety glass complies with BS EN 14449, BS EN 12150 and BS EN 12543 rules and standards. Each sealed unit is guaranteed not to breakdown for a period of at least 10 years from the date of delivery. A breakdown is constituted when condensation gets inside a sealed unit. Windows frames constructed without Pilkington glass rate much lower on the quality scale when it comes to heat loss, thermal efficiency, and quality of vision. Windows without an A or A+ rating are considered to be of far less quality, and often end up costing the homeowner more money in the long run. Higher heating and electricity bills, and higher levels of maintenance are common occurrences after cheaper windows have been installed.

Sebastian Church Builders prefers installing the very best. We want our customers to be happy for many years to come. With Pilkington Glass products Warwickshire and sealed EnergiKare units, you can be sure you are getting the ultimate in quality and service. All their glass and frames are rated at the highest levels, and are sure to last well beyond their 10 year warranty.