Combination Conservatories Warwickshire

Also known as the bespoke combination conservatory due to the enormous range of design possibilities, the Sebastian Church combination is ideally suited to larger homes with more available external area.

They are particularly appropriate for country houses, large detached homes, or bed and breakfasts and hotels, any of which would benefit handsomely, both aesthetically and financially, from the addition of a bespoke combination conservatory Warwickshire.

Combination styles permit the construction of conservatories up to the maximum permissible size according to English building regulations (normally 30m2), provided the property boundary is acceptably distant from the main structure.

At Sebastian Church Builders, our designers are able to mix and match layouts, from a simple lean to conservatory with a compact Victorian annex (T shape), or lean to with a larger Edwardian or Victorian style annex (P shape), and if desired, a lean to with two Victorian annexes (B Shape).

The nature of the combination style permits internal separators that define usable zones, and may be constructed with heavy curtains, foldaway doors, or concertina doors.

Prior to construction by Sebastian Church Builders, clients are able to choose from a wide selection of colours and fittings to suit the colour of uPVC mouldings and aluminium framing selected. These range from traditional wood effect, to subdued tones that don’t detract from the overall appearance of the property.

To see what a bespoke combination conservatory Warwickshire could do for your home, arrange a callback from Sebastian Church and one of our conservatory experts will provide a no obligation quote.