Sebastian Church Builders Aluminium

Sebastian Church Builders has the enviable reputation of having the best quality products, coupled with an unparalleled level of customer service. Our doors, windows, and glass extensions are second to none. All our products come from reliable manufacturers and suppliers, and have passed all quality and security tests. Our aluminum profile windows and doors come in a wide variety of colours and systems.

Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

– huge range of colours and configuration options
– modern look with minimal profiles
– complete range of accessories and handles
– pop out handle option with a distinct flush line
– complete range of bespoke and standard colours
– inside and out dual colour option
– square bead and chamfered designs
– strong and reliable mechanisms for smooth sliding
– room dividers with low and medium threshold options
– the highest standards in quality and performance

Pros of Aluminum Doors And Windows

There are many benefits to using aluminum as compared to wood, uPVC, or composite when purchasing doors and windows. These include:

– their appearance is simple yet functional
– come in a wide range of colours
– structurally sound, no need to worry about breakage
– resistant to corrosion and decay
– aluminum can be adapted to fit many different types of projects and buildings
– aluminum is a very green material and can be recycled infinitely

Cons of Using Aluminum

As with every material, there are negative points to aluminum as well. These are:

– aluminum is extremely conductive, this means it will easily absorb heat from the outside and transfer it to the inside of the building
– condensation can lead to water droplets forming inside the frames, possibly leading to the growth of fungi and bacteria
– since aluminum is so bare, the constantly moving pieces may scrape against each other and cause sticking or jamming problems down the road
– lubrication on the places that rub against each other is recommended

The positive benefits of aluminum doors and windows far outweigh the negative aspects. At Sebastian Church Builders our aluminum door and window systems are top quality, and are manufactured by the best suppliers in the business.